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Environmental challenges of construction sector

Construction and demolition waste (CWD) has received more and more attention in the past few years when looking at resource efficiency improvement for the building sector.

Environmental economist

ICEDD is looking for a dynamic and motivated Environmental Economist with proven expertise in quantitative methods and valuation to strengthen its environmental economics group of experts. The position requires initiative and autonomy, an excellent team spirit and commitment to environmental issues.

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A common base for environmental statistics

Creating a common base for environmental statistics to serve as a reference for all countries in the European area – this is an ambitious, but crucial challenge if we are to develop and justify a coherent common environment policy, using a set of reliable, comparable data recognized by all.

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Purpose of the project (and limits)

The study defines different paths that can lead to an energy system based exclusively on renewable energy sources.
How to achieve a 100% renewable target in 2050 (electricity, heating and cooling, transport except aviation and sea transport)?

  • What technologies are needed?
  • What are the costs of these solutions?
  • What are the main obstacles?

The study remains a first approach that needs to be completed.

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