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Purpose of the project (and limits)

The study defines different paths that can lead to an energy system based exclusively on renewable energy sources.
How to achieve a 100% renewable target in 2050 (electricity, heating and cooling, transport except aviation and sea transport)?

  • What technologies are needed?
  • What are the costs of these solutions?
  • What are the main obstacles?

The study remains a first approach that needs to be completed.

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Tuesday, 02 October 2012 14:28

ICEDD is 50 years old - Overview

ICEDD is an independent research firm specializing in the analysis and implementation of strategies value spacial resources (spatial planning, urban and regional development), energy and environmental in a sustainable manner.

The organization was founded in 1961 in the form of so called vzw Walloon Institute, became in 2003 Institut de Conseil et d'Etudes en Développement Durable (Institute for Council and Studies in Sustainable Development) - ICEDD asbl.

The choice of nonprofit status is inextricably linked to our desire to achieve our misions in optical scientific independence and perspective of general interest.

Our areas of interest and expertise focus on:

Published in ICEDD generalities

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Creating a common base for environmental statistics to serve as a reference for all countries in the European area – this is an ambitious, but crucial challenge if we are to develop and justify a coherent common environment policy, using a set of reliable, comparable data recognized by all.

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