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ICEDD in a few words

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Our background

The Institut de Conseil et d'Etudes en Développement Durable (Institute for Consultancy and Studies in Sustainable Development) was founded in 1961 as a non-profit association. Until 2003, our research firm was called the Institut wallon de développement économique et social et d'aménagement du territoire (Walloon Institute for economic and social development and land-use planning).

Our activities

ICEDD's various fields of activity correspond to this concern. We are interested in priority in the use and valorization of spatial (land-use planning, urbanism and territorial development), energy and material resources, integrating economic, environmental, social and institutional aspects.

Our values

ICEDD's projects are carried out using a scientifically independent approach geared to the general interest. Our research firm is independent of any economic group and any political or denominational movement.

Our clients

  • The European Commission;
  • The Belgian Federal State, the French Community, the Brussels-Capital Region, the Walloon Region, towns and municipal districts.
  • Semi-pubic Belgian or international bodies and private associations working in the general interest: foundations, non-governmental organizations, inter-municipal development organizations …).

Our team

ICEDD employs 40 persons whose skills cover a broad multi-disciplinary range (engineering, agronomy, economy, urbanism, data processing, graphic arts, ...).

Our objective

Taking part in the implementation of your sustainable development projects by supplying a cross-sector, multi-disciplinary approach in the fields of energy, the environment, land-use planning and mobility.  

Our organization is certified   ISO 9001 – 2001-2008 since December 2004.



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