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Assistance in preparing the second generation of branch agreements

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At the beginning of the nineties, the Walloon Region proposed to conclude voluntary agreements with industrial sectors to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and to improve their energy efficiency: these are the branch agreements. Since the signature of the first agreements, most industrial federations have joined this approach.


The so-called first generation branch agreements were real "win-win" undertakings in a partnership between the Walloon Region and an industrial player, represented by its federation. Indeed, the Region obtained a certain number of commitments from signatory sectors to improve energy performances and at the same time, the sectors were granted various financial and administrative advantages.

Since the signature of the first generation agreements, energy and climate issues have gained in importance. Our economies are now confronted with a dual threat. The first pertains to the short term. Energy prices can mushroom abruptly (because of a geopolitical incident) or follow a lasting, drastic trend upward as fossil sources become increasingly scarce (when the oil peak has been reached). The effects of the second will be longer term – this is the change in climate. In any case, clearly on the horizon of 2050, our societies and the industrial and service companies they contain, will have had to decrease their atmospheric emissions very significantly (we hear about a reduction of -80 to -95% as compared to the 1990 level!!) and consequently their energy consumption as well.

The Walloon authorities are aware of these changes and have decided to extend and expand the dynamic initiated more than 10 years ago. They have launched a mission for assistance in preparing the second generation branch agreements. ICEDD remitted an offer and has been entrusted with the responsibility for this mission. The objective is to renew and broaden the scope of the first generation branch agreements in industrial sectors, as well as, in a second stage, to assess the pertinence of setting up agreements of this kind in the service sector. This mission is being carried out in a partnership with the 3J Consult bureau.

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