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Environmental statistics and accounts in Europe


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A common base for environmental statistics

Creating a common base for environmental statistics to serve as a reference for all countries in the European area – this is an ambitious, but crucial challenge if we are to develop and justify a coherent common environment policy, using a set of reliable, comparable data recognized by all.

Environmental accounts and statistics provide each country with the information needed to develop, implement and monitor environmental policies.

Agreeing on a common basis is indispensible to better coordinate policies between the Member States and to reinforce the commitments of each State to environmental objectives and sustainable development as defined at European level. This meant collecting and making coherent the often piecemeal sets of key data available from various national and international bodies.

This is the objective of this publication. On behalf of Eurostat and in collaboration with various specialized bodies and organizations, ICEDD contributed by collecting and analysing, environmental accounts and statistics of the 27 Member States of the European Union, three candidate countries (Croatia, former Yugoslavia and Turkey) and four EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland).

Ten major themes were considered: waste, chemical substances, water, forests, emissions in the air, environmental expenditures, environmental taxes, flows of materials, biodiversity and the use of earth and agricultural-environmental indicators, a cross-sector chapter devoted to households.

Beyond a simple listing of accounts and national statistics, this work gave rise to a series of indicators that now ensure rigorous, precise monitoring of situations and progress made in pursuing environmental objectives.


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