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ICEDD is assisting Eurostat in defining a framework for the development of Resource Use and Management Expenditure Account (RUMEA) and in developing a data collection system on Environmentally related transactions (subsidies and similar transfers).

Concerning Environmental Protection Expenditures and Revenues and Environmental taxes by economic activities, ICEDD is assisting Eurostat in preparing and sending the questionnaire to countries, in answering questions asked by countries concerning the data collection, in checking and validating the incoming data as regards plausibility and consistency, in gap filling and calculation of EU aggregates, in nowcasting and in preparing Statistics in Focus and more comprehensive and detailed publications.

Many environmental indicator sets have emerged over time, each serving their own purpose and having their own tailor-made indicators. Some indicators share the same name, but depict something very different. Other indicators are essentially the same, but have totally different names. Some indicator sets are reused within other sets. Other indicators are more or less modified, altered or added to other indicator sets, etc. Some indicators also need to be fit for purpose (i.e. suitable to the function they are meant to fulfil).

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