Cogeneration expertise

For more than 20 years, the ICEDD has been a recognised player in the field of cogeneration. We have developed technical, administrative and regulatory knowledge essential for the creation and implementation of reliable cogeneration projects.

From ad hoc advice to comprehensive support for a project

Whatever your requirements, from a simple question to a complex technical appraisal, we can help you.

Services and support developed by the ICEDD:

  1. Analysis of the suitability of a cogeneration installation, depending on the consumption profile of the building and, possibly, of other renewable streams.
  2. The dimensioning of a cogeneration installation (fossil or renewable) carried out in line with good practice, ensuring optimised energy performance;
  3. The examination of hydraulic integration and the judicious control of cogeneration within the establishment in order to maximise energy production;
  4. The drafting (or revision) of special specifications and commissioning clauses for energy optimisation;
  5. The comparison of technical bids;
  6. Proposal of a commissioning mission (or energy and environmental performance monitoring mission during the warranty period);
  7. Assistance with administrative procedures;
  8. The management of cogeneration: follow-up, monitoring and optimisation;
  9. The diagnosis and analysis of malfunctions of cogeneration in operation;
  10. The analysis of the financial valuation of the electrical flexibility of a cogeneration system.

To implement this, the ICEDD can rely on the extensive experience it has acquired, but also on its high-performance tools, which are recognised by the sector: Cogencalc.xls, Cogenextrapolation.xlsx, Cogensim.xlsx.

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