PLAGE guidance

Implementation and Guidance of the PLAGE (Local Action Plan for Energy Management)

In Brussels, since July 2019, large real estate parks (schools, hospitals, collective housing, office buildings, cultural or commercial and sports centers…) are required to implement a PLAGE (Local Action Plan for Energy Management).

Coordinators can be sustained !

Establishment of an internal energy efficiency policy is a transversal action. Coordinating the implementation of your PLAGE by the PLAGE coordinator will more than likely require the mobilization of other actors inside or outside your organization.

Indeed, considering the size of concerned real estate parks, the PLAGE protocol recommends team work or subcontracting, the coordinator having to play the SPOC’s role (Single Contact Person).

ICEDD offers to help you implement your PLAGE

During the first cycle of the PLAGE, a first phase will establish the identification elements of concerned buildings (surfaces, specific consumption, etc.).

In this phase, ICEDD can help you relying on its experience in Energy audits, “volontary PLAGE” guidance and IPMVP protocol’s knowledge.

The programming phase concerns the energy cadastre, the energy accounting, the action plan, a measurement and verification protocol (PMV) in order to comply and apply IPMVP protocol.

During the implementation phase, ICEDD can assist coordinator’s interaction with the PLAGE reviewer.

The evaluation phase integrates the reporting process. ICEDD can assist you in writing this report and evaluating objectives.

ICEDD can help you specifically in each of these phases or in the whole process

Implementation of the obligatory PLAGE

ICEDD sustains coordinators in their difficult task.

Associated reference : PLAGE : vers la mise en place d’une stratégie de gestion de l’énergie

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