Territorial planning

Territory is a scarce resource that needs to be used optimally. The issues of quality of life, social diversity, economic development, travel management and environmental preservation are key ones. They have a growing impact for our societies that are keen to develop sustainably. By their nature, the economic, social and environmental consequences of land-use planning will be felt over considerable periods of time.

The ICEDD addresses the management of space, essentially in matters relating to territorial development and to mobility but also in the very concrete implementation of tools to support decision-making and management (geographic information systems and mapping products).

The ICEDD provides its expertise to the public authorities to help them sustainably manage their territory and plan its development in the face of current challenges (demographics, housing, economy, mobility and environment). This expertise takes the form of strategic thinking at different geographical levels. It results in the creation of management and planning tools that can take different forms:

  • Municipal development plan – SDC (former structure plan);
  • Municipal Sustainable Development Programme (PCDR);
  • Municipal Nature Development Plan (PCDN);
  • Urban renovation;

The ICEDD’s expertise in mapping and geographical information systems is a real asset in this type of mission. The tools used make it possible to create technical dynamic maps, plans and communication tools for a diverse audience.

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