Tool to help municipalities plan climate change adaptation measures


Municipalities wishing to sign up to the Covenant of Mayors must now integrate adaptation to climate change. However, studies on current and future climate impacts are based on global or regional scientific models, requiring resources and investment that are beyond the means of municipalities. This is why several institutions are producing support tools for local authorities to help them produce their local diagnostics and plan adaptation initiatives. AWAC wishes to follow this approach and produce such tools.

Titre de la référence


The aim of this mission is to update and complete the tool created in 2012 to meet the needs of municipalities for implementing a climate change adaptation strategy. Its main objectives are:

  • Update a simple, effective and accessible diagnostic tool with a sound scientific basis;
  • Enable municipalities to implement local climate change adaptation strategies;
  • Integrate mapping tools;
  • Create a web platform with action sheets:


For this mission, carried out under a subcontracting structure with EcoRes, ICEDD was responsible for geographically mapping out the elements on which climate change would have an impact and for calculating the potential impact indicators at the municipal level. The points addressed covered all the environmental, economic and social aspects of climate change.


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