“Low Carbon” Roadmap for 2050


As part of the second-generation branch agreements between the Walloon industrial federations and the public authorities, each of the federations made a commitment to produce a Roadmap for 2050.

Titre de la référence

Source : European Commission


The objective of this rather qualitative study was to reflect on the future of a sector with a view to a low-carbon society by 2050, i.e. a reduction of around 80 to 95% in greenhouse gas emissions as compared with 1990.

The objective of the Roadmap was therefore to help the federations and affiliated companies anticipate developments and use future constraints to their advantage. The Sector Roadmap was intended to be a tool for federations and companies.


To prepare these Industrial Roadmaps, ICEDD used the following working methodology:

  • Construction of scenarios establishing the market for the business or industrial sector in question in 2050, based on previously selected and evaluated variables (participatory scenarios);
  • Identification and quantification of CO2 emission reduction measures;
  • Construction of CO2 emission evolution trajectories based on a tool developed by ICEDD.

In order to be prepared for possible technological and non-technological disruptions, the scope covered by the Roadmap also included, in addition to the energy aspects of the industrial sites concerned, raw materials, the product itself, regulations, the transport of products, etc.

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