BATEX W: “Exemplary” buildings in the Walloon Region


In 2012, the Walloon Public Service launched a first call for projects for “Exemplary Buildings” intended for the residential sector, followed at the end of 2013 by a second call intended for the tertiary sector.

With these two calls for projects, the Walloon Region sought to promote ambitious construction projects, not only from the energy point of view, but also with regard to a series of other issues that had been addressed less often until then: water management, the choice of materials, the quality of the site, reproducibility, etc. Seventeen subject areas were featured in a competition, at the end of which some 30 winners (for the two calls for proposals) were selected.

Titre de la référence


The aim of this project is to promote excellence in the design and construction of residential and tertiary buildings.


As part of this mission, ICEDD participated in:

  • The definition and formulation of technical criteria for the assessment of the 17 subject areas assessed by the competition jury;
  • The launch, organisation and coordination of the call for proposals, including the organisation of the panels for selecting the winners and the development of the entire IT system to support the project;
  • Training and technical support for the experts in charge of monitoring each of the winners during the construction phase of their building;
  • For certain tertiary projects, direct support as experts.

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