Transition towards sustainable chemistry: stakeholder dynamics and prospects for green chemistry in Belgium


In a context of increasing pressure on the environment, FPS Environment wanted to gain a better understanding of the benefits for sustainable development of the green chemistry concept developed by Anastas and Warner.

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Question the relevance of green chemistry for:

  • Protecting the environment and health;
  • Achieving the SAICM (Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management) objectives;
  • Ensuring cleaner production;
  • Substituting chemicals of concern.


As part of this mission, ICEDD was responsible for the following tasks:

  • General coordination of the mission;
  • Development of forward-looking scenarios;
  • Organisation of stakeholder consultation;
  • Assessment and comparison of the futures described by the scenarios;
  • Drafting of actions to be carried out by stakeholders;
  • Self-assessment of the quality of the scenarios.

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