Reporting and analysis of the results of the public enquiry organised in the context of adopting the Walloon Waste Resource Plan


Intended to take over from the 2010 Horizon Plan, the Walloon Waste Resource Plan (PWD-R in short) adopted in March 2018 will make it possible to integrate the new European obligations on the circular economy and increased recycling rates. Although incineration and recycling have gradually replaced landfills over the last few years, the Walloon Government now intends to increase the share of recycling as compared with incineration.

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Source : SPW-DGO3


The main objective of this project was to analyse all the responses received following the public inquiry and consultation of the authorities concerned in the context of adopting the Walloon Waste Resource Plan (PWD-R).


This analysis made it possible to:

  • Summarise all the proposals for modifications to the PWD-R based on the opinions analysed and to submit a revised version of the Plan;
  • Prepare the environmental statement to explain the extent to which the comments and opinions of the authorities consulted and the public have been taken into account

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