Integrated environment survey


The integrated environment survey is an annual survey for Walloon manufacturers. It collects data on emissions into water and air, waste production and treatment, energy consumption and environmental expenditure in the various industrial sectors. It is therefore used for reporting to the European authorities on emissions of pollutants or environmental data.

Titre de la référence

Source : SPW


  • Organise the data collection campaign and respond to the requests of companies filing reports;
  • Validate all data collected;
  • Remind companies of their reporting obligation;
  • Publish data analysis reports and focus reports on certain sectors or types of waste.


As part of this study, ICEDD participated in:

  • Launching the campaign and assisting companies with filing reports;
  • Validation of waste and environmental expenditure components;
  • The drafting of summary reports and focus reports associated with waste data and environmental expenditure;
  • The production of data for reporting to the European authorities (E-PRTR, Waste Statistics Regulation).

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