TOTEM – Create|Evaluate|Innovate


The three regions, represented by OVAM (public waste management agency of the Flemish Region), the Walloon Public Service and Bruxelles Environnement (Brussels Environmental Agency), decided in 2015 to collaborate in the further development of the TOTEM calculation model. The aim is to be able to offer the Belgian construction sector a practical design tool adapted to the construction methods used in Belgium and making it possible to calculate the environmental impact of a complete building.

Titre de la référence

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In order to inform building professionals of the existence of the TOTEM tool and to encourage them to use it in their design projects, ICEDD is responsible for developing communication and awareness in the sector about the tool for calculating the environmental performance of construction elements and buildings (TOTEM).


As part of this project, ICEDD participates in:

  • Developing a consistent visual identity for the tool by drawing up a graphic charter;
  • Creating different promotional materials for the tool (invitations, flyers, email shots and press articles);
  • Organising the launch event for the TOTEM tool;
  • Editing a user guide for the TOTEM tool;
  • Technical support via a help desk for the MMG tool for project managers, architects, etc.

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