Renewable heat facilitator


In order to support the non-residential sector and the public authorities in their efforts to achieve energy efficiency and to integrate renewable energies, DGO4 set up a network of renewable heat facilitators who are responsible, according to needs, for:

  • Analysing the energy situation of your organisation;
  • Supporting the selection of the most appropriate technologies;
  • Organising targeted training courses;
  • Reviewing the specifications with the project sponsors and comparing the price offers;
  • Providing information on existing regulations and financial support for renewable energy.
Titre de la référence


The mission of renewable heat facilitators is to inform, advise, raise awareness and involve the different stakeholders to help develop the renewable sectors related to heat generation in the Walloon Region (thermal solar, heat pumps, heat networks).

The service consists of a first line that answers general questions or refers queries to an appropriate technical expert for the situation and technology.


ICEDD ensures the overall management of the mission and acts as technical expert on heat pumps and heat networks.

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