Energy audit of tertiary buildings


For over 20 years, ICEDD has carried out energy audits of buildings ranging from 500 to more than 100,000 m². ICEDD has accreditation from the Walloon Public Service and Bruxelles-Environnement.

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The energy audit aims to:

  • Analyse fuel and electricity consumption;
  • Analyse the performance of the building and technical equipment;
  • Analyse the operating mode of equipment (configuration of regulations, management of maintenance, etc.);
  • Estimate the energy losses attributable to the quality of the building and the equipment, as well as to their mode of operation;
  • Identify potential improvements that may be aimed either at more efficient energy use or at renewable energy sources or high-quality cogeneration;
  • Estimate the possible energy, financial and CO2 savings from these improvements;
  • Estimate the return on investment time for each of these improvements;
  • Prioritise improvement measures.


ICEDD has carried out more than 250 audits of tertiary buildings over the past 10 years. The buildings audited cover all activities in the tertiary sector: offices, shops, hospitals, nursing homes, sports centres, swimming pools, schools, nurseries, cultural centres, hotels, exhibition halls, accommodation centres, collective housing buildings, etc., but also industrial buildings such as production halls, storage halls, etc.

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