Coordination, facilitation and expertise for supporting circular construction sites in 2016


Construction materials represent a significant use of resources and are responsible for a very high amount of waste. The mission aims to support construction companies in their waste management thinking, both during the project study and the construction phase.

Titre de la référence

Source : Bruxelles Environnement - ICEDD


The objective of the mission is to demonstrate that it is technically feasible and economically viable to build and/or renovate buildings while applying circular economy concepts.


ICEDD’s role in this mission is to coordinate, lead and promote circular projects in the Brussels-Capital Region, and to support the administration in the development and promotion of projects and sites that pay more attention to resource management.

Specifically, ICEDD has:

  • Participated in the preparation of the launch of the call for projects;
  • Developed mechanisms for the logical subsidising of winners;
  • Participated as jury for the selection of candidates;
  • Prepared promotional events (visits, seminars, etc.);
  • Developed communication materials;
  • Interviewed and drafted summary sheets of the strengths of the various winners;
  • Written “success stories” about the winners;
  • Supported the administration in the follow-up of the mission.

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