Energy efficiency training centre in the industrial sector


Under the “FEDIL 2017-2020 Voluntary Agreement”, ICEDD is “recognised” as a training centre in energy efficiency in the industrial sector by Myenergy and FEDIL.

Titre de la référence


As part of this training, ICEDD contributes to:

  • Providing an overview of energy optimisation measures and tools;
  • Promoting participation by enabling the right interaction with a professional in the sector (case studies, field feedback, success stories, etc.);

The training course is intended for heads of engineering departments and heads of production, maintenance and energy, and for project managers in the industrial or tertiary sector.


ICEDD offers:

  • A basic 3-day training course: successful all-inclusive energy approach, electrical energy optimisations for the most cross-functional applications and energy optimisations for heating and ventilation;
  • 5 optional additional training modules of one day each: steam, compressed air, renewable energy, circular economy and process energy.

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