Building roadmap


The Walloon long-term strategy for the energy renovation of buildings, adopted in 2017, aims to achieve the EPB A label on average for the entire housing stock by 2050, with the priority being to carry out thorough renovation of the least efficient housing. The strategy highlighted the importance of integrating all renovation projects into a global reflection that is consistent with the Region’s objectives, structured in a renovation roadmap.

Titre de la référence


This is the context for this mission, the objective of which is to build the content and form of the future roadmap based on the existing tools, such as the EPB certificate and the PAE2 energy audit .

The roadmap must make it possible to visualise the trajectory and sequencing of a renovation project in order to guide applicants and encourage them to develop their buildings while avoiding “lock-in” measures.


As part of this project, ICEDD participates in:

  • Defining links with existing tools (PAE2, EPB certificate);
  • Defining the form and content of the roadmap;
  • Consulting project stakeholders;
  • Carrying out a test phase with citizens.

Our references