Towards 100% renewable energy in Belgium by 2050


In 2011, following the Fukushima accident, Belgium’s 4 Energy Ministers agreed to request a study aimed at showing whether and under what conditions Belgium could be supplied entirely by renewable energies.

Titre de la référence

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  • Study the technical possibilities of supplying Belgium with 100% renewable energy by 2050;
  • Estimate the costs of this transformation;
  • Estimate the employment impacts of this transformation;
  • Propose the broad outlines of the policies to be implemented to achieve this objective.


As part of this study, ICEDD undertook the following tasks:

  • General coordination of the mission;
  • Estimation of renewable production potential;
  • Choice of innovative energy demand technologies;
  • Proposals for policies and measures to be implemented;
  • Coordination of presentations of study results to stakeholders.

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