Walloon energy balance


Energy is the greatest environmental challenge today. Many European directives set out commitments in terms of energy savings, building certifications, targets for reducing CO2 emissions and the share of renewables in consumption. The necessary basis for this is a thorough knowledge of the Walloon energy situation.

In 1980, the Walloon Region, which was given responsibility for the rational use of energy, noted that it was sadly lacking such an overview of energy production and consumption at regional level. This information is essential for influencing the region’s energy future. This investigation was then entrusted to ICEDD.

Titre de la référence


The purpose of an energy balance is:

  • Provide objective, complete and accurate data on energy production, transformation and consumption in the Walloon Region;
  • Produce the information for the reports requested within the framework of European directives as well as emission inventories;
  • Enrich environmental dashboards, forward-planning work and energy efficiency indicators;
  • Build robust indicators relating to the Walloon energy system.


Since 1980, using energy and socio-economic data this reference publication has provided an annual overview of the Walloon Region’s situation in terms of energy production and consumption. In the context of this publication, ICEDD is responsible for all the phases involved in compiling the balance:

  • Data collection;
  • Estimating missing data;
  • Preparing a provisional balance;
  • Compiling a report presenting changes and trends in the balance.

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