Which energy networks for the Walloon Region between 2030 and 2050?


This study was carried out at the request of IWEPS, which partnered with SPW – DGO4 in defining its specifications to inform Walloon decision-makers about the importance of energy networks in our society.

Titre de la référence

Source : Unsplash - Shane Rounce


  • Define scenarios for the development of energy networks in the Walloon Region;
  • Evaluate the socio-economic but also cultural consequences of these changes;
  • Quantify certain elements of the change scenarios;
  • Help improve understanding of the challenges facing energy networks.


As part of this mission, ICEDD provided:

  • The general coordination of the mission;
  • Facilitation services for working meetings, support committees and stakeholder consultations;
  • The definition of the scope of the study;
  • Documentation for certain system variables;
  • Drafting services for certain scenarios and analysed their implications;
  • Finalisation work on the study report.

Our references