ICEDD Learning


After years of experience in organising training courses and seminars for construction and industry professionals, ICEDD developed its service offer and launched ICEDD Learning in 2017.

Titre de la référence


The objective is to share the expertise acquired within ICEDD with as many people as possible.


ICEDD offers several training modules:

  • Learning about insulation (2 days);
  • Understanding a tertiary heating installation and improving its efficiency (2 days);
  • Mastering domestic hot water (1 day);
  • Integrating a heat pump into projects (1 day);
  • How to set up an energy awareness campaign (1 day);
  • Learning about environmental assessment (1 day);
  • Promoting electrical flexibility (0.5 day);
  • Opting for cogeneration (1 day);
  • Learning from existing buildings with high energy performance (1 day);

ICEDD can also offer customised training programmes.

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