Diagram of Namur municipal structure


The geographical position of the municipality of Namur makes it a major road, rail and waterway communications hub. Faced with many challenges (land development pressure, demographics, transport), the City of Namur has chosen to equip itself with a regional planning tool.

Titre de la référence

Source : Echevinat de l'Aménagement durable, Namur Vue du Ciel, Jacques Verrees


The municipal structure diagram (SSC) is part of a sustainable development approach i.e. social, environmental and economic development that seeks to guarantee its resources over the long term. The work is therefore forward-thinking in order to anticipate future developments in the Namur area. The objective is then to translate the city project into concrete measures: which functions to develop, with what density and under which conditions? The document represents City policy and serves as a guide, both for future development documents and for the issuing of licences.


As part of this study, ICEDD participated in:

  • Project supervision and development;
  • Benchmarking and statistical monitoring;
  • Cartography;
  • Consultation and participation (workshops, exhibitions, etc.).

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