Assistance in managing the network of mobility advisers (CeM)


Since 1999, the Walloon Public Service has been training Mobility Advisers in the municipalities, federal, regional and provincial administrations, public transport companies, police zones, associations, etc. At the end of this basic training, since 2001, tools and activities have been offered to the Mobility Advisers in order to consolidate and update the knowledge gained from their basic training while promoting the exchange of experiences between these mobility professionals.

Titre de la référence

Source : SPW-DGO2


The objectives are to provide Mobility Advisers with methodologies, good practices and tools that facilitate their day-to-day work. Particular attention is paid to regulatory news and new trends in mobility.


ICEDD supports the Walloon Public Service in the following tasks:

  • Organisation of training courses, workshops and technical visits;
  • Writing a bimonthly electronic information sheet called “CeMaphore”;
  • Writing “CeMathèque” technical publications;
  • Facilitating working groups.

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