Urban renovation of Waremme


The City of Waremme has a number of assets. It is close to major axes of communication and to large urban centres (especially Liège), but is also itself a nerve centre in relation to neighbouring municipalities. However, when the eight urban functions (housing, industry, arts and crafts, commerce, administration and offices, education, medical and social care, tourism) are weighed against each other, some dysfunctions emerge. To meet these needs, the City adopted an operational tool.

Titre de la référence


The general objectives of an urban renewal programme are as follows:

  • Renovate from an economic and social perspective in order to ensure that everyone has the possibility to live in the city and access the benefits of multi-functional and diversified urban life;
  • Undertake a comprehensive, consistent and inclusive municipal development initiative at human level.


As part of this study, ICEDD participated in:
• Diagnostics, more specifically the collection and processing of objective data;
• Design of project sheets and a overall layout plan;
• Citizen involvement (in support of Collectif ipé): meetings with citizens, theme-based working groups, public meetings, etc.
• Cartography

Our references