Hands-on workshop and facilitation of networks of stakeholders

Across all its activities, the ICEDD offers stakeholder facilitation missions. These missions can take a variety of forms:

  • Deployment of tools for creativity and the emergence of collaborative solutions;
  • Establishment of actor or “stakeholder” networks around an issue;
  • Consensus methods;
  • Collective intelligence techniques;
  • Sociocracy tools.

To carry out these missions, the ICEDD has internal skills in facilitation and training techniques. Furthermore, the ICEDD’s governance methods are based on participative management processes and each person at the ICEDD is therefore inherently aware of them.

Most of the time, these workshops have a face-to-face format (workshops, meetings, etc.), which will be able to draw on the logistical capabilities of the ICEDD. In addition, the ICEDD will very often deploy collaborative tools for this type of mission that enable stakeholders to work together, share information developed in workshops and extend the dynamics of these. The ICEDD will, for example, mobilise online and social exchange networks, carefully ensuring that their philosophy (non-profit) and the guarantees offered (protection and non-commercialisation of data) fit perfectly with the desired spirit.

For example, the ICEDD coordinated the Brussels PLAGE (Local Action Plan for Energy Management) network as well as the networks of energy managers and mobility advisors in Wallonia.

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